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A group of older adults sitting around a picnic table, enjoying dinner with friends.

8 Tips to Help You Fully Enjoy Your Retirement

Despite what we all think about retirement, it can be so much more than a slow-down period in your life. You may not even have the desire to slow down at all! There are so many new things to enjoy when you have the luxury of free time that retirement awards you.

Suppose you’ve begun to search online for “senior living communities near me” because you want to spend your retirement around other people your age with similar interests. In that case, Zerbe Retirement Community is the place to be.

We want you to have a peaceful, happy retirement here. We encourage you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest through our community events and proximity to shopping centers, theaters, farmers markets, and other attractions. Zerbe wants you to enjoy yourself, so we have compiled a list of things that make retirement the best it can be.

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Long-Term Care Facilities: Helping to Care for a Person with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Hearing that you or someone close to you has dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease can be scary. There’s a lot of unknowns and questions you probably have about the diagnosis. Knowing the difference between the two medical conditions and when someone with one or both needs a long-term care facility, like Zerbe Retirement Community, can ease the stress for the patient and caregiver alike.

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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are many things to a lot of people. They can be active and engaged senior living communities, a comfortable place to call home where all of your personal needs are met, a fantastic place to work, an extended family—the list goes on.

However, officially, the term Continuing Care Retirement Community—or in updated parlance, Life Plan Community—is a specific, industry-defined description of a senior living organization’s format. In short, CCRCs offer a flexible continuum of care to meet every resident’s changing health care needs over time.

In many ways, this format is very similar to “aging in place” at home since CCRCs allow you to stay within the same community—sometimes even within the same residence or apartment you have come to know and love—through all different phases of the aging process.

As AARP explains, within a CCRC environment, “a resident can start out living independently in an apartment and later transition to assisted living to get more help with daily activities or to skilled nursing to receive more medical care while remaining in the same community.” Peace of mind for residents and their families is the ultimate benefit of CCRCs. Once you choose a community, you won’t have to face moving in the event of a healthcare change.

Today’s blog post takes a closer look at some of the significant points on that continuum of care and shares why Zerbe Retirement Community is an excellent CCRC option in Lancaster County, PA.

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Retiree couple receiving the keys to their new home

Why Owning Your Home In Retirement is Important

If you are getting ready to retire in the next few years, you are likely thinking a lot about how your financial investments and assets should be arranged to best make the big transition. And if you’re a homeowner, it’s also likely that your house is one of the most valuable assets you have (assuming you are free and clear of a mortgage or have a minimal balance left to pay). So, what’s the best way to handle that asset in retirement?

Should you continue owning your current home for years to come? Downsize to a smaller house that better suits your current lifestyle needs? Perhaps sell your family home and rent an apartment to get out of cumbersome maintenance tasks?

Today’s blog post will help you think about your answers to these questions, as we review some of the ways homeownership wins over renting in retirement for many. And, you may be able to get “the best of both worlds”—homeownership with nearly zero maintenance worries—when you come home to Zerbe’s Independent Living neighborhood here in beautiful Lancaster County!

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