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A Caring Short-Term Rehab Facility for Your Healthcare Needs

At some point in your life, you may experience an injury, illness, or surgery that you need help to recover from and return to your regular routine. And when you require this special, temporary type of care, you might need a short-term rehab facility.

Your best short-term rehabilitation option will ensure you receive care from caregivers dedicated to helping you through your injury, illness, or another ailment. When that description fits what you are looking for, you can turn to the professionals at Zerbe Retirement Community for the best short-term care available.

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What Short-Term Rehab Options Are Available at Zerbe Retirement Community?

There are many types of short-term rehab care, and you might need something that the average facility doesn't offer. Three options are available for your short-term rehab needs at Zerbe Retirement Community.

A smiling woman lifts a green weight with help from a physical therapist


Physical therapy can be useful for those needing pain management, improved mobility, or overall functional ability. With the help of physical therapists, you may be able to learn to manage your pain better, avoid surgery, or even prevent further or future injuries, thanks to a personalized care plan. Live a healthier, more physically-able life with this help from our team!

A man does strengthening exercises with an occupational therapist


When recovering from certain medical events, you may need professional help returning to your everyday functionality. With occupational therapy, you can expect support for your recovery from issues like a stroke, heart attack, or other ailments that might have left you newly disabled or unable to do the things you love the way you're used to doing them.

A speech therapist demonstrates how to make the 'th' sound with her mouth.


Speech therapy is beneficial for people with articulation problems, aphasia, or dysarthria, among other speech-related issues. Speech therapy can help get your communication abilities back, so you can express your needs with language. An ailment that leaves you having difficulty communicating doesn't always have to be permanent.

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FAQs About Short-Term Rehab Facilities

Why Choose Short-Term Rehab at Zerbe Retirement Community?

You deserve personalized care tailored to your specific healthcare needs. You can trust us with your healthcare when looking for a short-term rehab option after fractures, generalized weakness or physical decline, heart attacks, knee surgery, or other injuries. Zerbe retirement community is an excellent option for short-term rehab needs because we focus on your recovery and returning to your everyday life.

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