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8 Tips to Help You Fully Enjoy Your Retirement

Despite what we all think about retirement, it can be so much more than a slow-down period in your life. You may not even have the desire to slow down at all! There are so many new things to enjoy when you have the luxury of free time that retirement awards you.

Suppose you’ve begun to search online for “senior living communities near me” because you want to spend your retirement around other people your age with similar interests. In that case, Zerbe Retirement Community is the place to be.

We want you to have a peaceful, happy retirement here. We encourage you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest through our community events and proximity to shopping centers, theaters, farmers markets, and other attractions. Zerbe wants you to enjoy yourself, so we have compiled a list of things that make retirement the best it can be.

1. Keep a Schedule

When you are retired, you have the freedom to do whatever you please! However, keeping with routines is a great way to keep yourself organized and active throughout your retirement. We spend most of our adulthoods on a rigid schedule and losing that can be jarring.

Maintaining a schedule, even a loose schedule when you wake up and eat around the same times every day, will help you feel more organized and keep your days structured. Keeping with a plan will also help with organization and the relief that comes from being prepared.

2. Make New Friends

Socialization is an integral part of our lives, and this aspect is especially true in retirement. We spend our working years surrounded by built-in friends and social situations, so retirement can feel lonely or isolated when we no longer have that daily socialization. Going from seeing people every day to having a lot more time on your hands might be a big adjustment for you. Zerbe Retirement Community likes to coordinate community activities so you can interact with other people in our community and make friends!

3. Add Purpose to Your Everyday Life

The Japanese have a way of looking at aging that is very different than how Americans view aging. Japanese people believe in “ikigai” or “what makes life worth living.” Ikigai is a way of life that stems from the belief that you can enjoy your everyday life and find purpose in the simple things you do and experience. This beautiful way of thinking helps promote a healthier, happier, more stress-free life.

The activities you participate in don’t need to be complicated. They can be as simple as reading a chapter from a book each day over your morning coffee, or taking a stroll through our beautiful campus. As a senior retirement community, we want our residents to find joy in waking up in their beautiful homes and spending time with one another.

4. Pick Up a New Hobby

Some of us find that during retirement, we are a little restless. While some people choose to pick up part-time jobs to fill their time, others prefer to take up new hobbies. A new hobby can bring some excitement to your every day and will help you keep your brain sharp and excited. Knitting, learning an instrument, painting, cooking new dishes, and bike riding can all be activities our residents enjoy!

5. Think About Your Health in Retirement

Two smiling women use hula hoops to stay active and have fun.

Many people think about retirement as a relaxing time where you are stress-free and living life comfortably. Health can have a significant impact on that, however. You want to be as healthy as possible through retirement so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Exercising and eating well will keep you physically healthy while reading and attending art-based events will keep your mind mentally healthy.

Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, and get yourself moving as well as you can every day! On the flip side, if you experience health issues or if living on your own is not an option for you, Zerbe Retirement Community does have personal care options to help maximize your independence while you get the help you need.

6. Relax

Of course, the best part of retirement at senior living communities in Lancaster, PA, is simply relaxing. You can relax without strings attached at this point in life, so sit back and enjoy everything you want! Part of the joy of relaxing is thinking back on everything you’ve accomplished and taking a few moments for yourself to just exist in a state of bliss.

If you want to remain close to your family and friends to relax with them too, choosing a senior living community near where you currently live is a great option. Located in the beautiful Lancaster County, Zerbe Retirement Community is in Narvon, PA, with easy access to nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment.

7. Travel

You were probably waiting for this part of the list! There are so many places to be once you’ve retired. Plenty of people use this time in their lives to spend more quality time with their families or travel to new destinations they’ve always wanted to visit.

Traveling can give you a sense of how many experiences there are in retirement and help you feel inspired. Maybe you’ll even pick up a hobby to bring home from your travels!

8. Select a Retirement Community Where You Feel at Home

The final tip we have for those getting ready for retirement is to think about where you’d like to live. Your living arrangement is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself because your space is an essential part of your everyday life. Zerbe Retirement Community is a senior living community dedicated to making your retirement years happy and healthy, so contact us today to talk about your options for living in a place where everyone will know your name!

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