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Ready to Plan Your Life at a Beautiful Lancaster Retirement Home? 5 Things to Consider

Many people look forward to the years after they have worked as a period to calm down, relax, and just experience the everyday. Planning for that part of life is often one of the most enjoyable things you can do with the time leading up to your retirement! Envisioning what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you’d like to spend more time with can be just as exciting as doing those things.

At Zerbe, we are a Lancaster retirement home community that our residents are happy to call home, and it’s easy to see why. We are in a visually beautiful area with active residents who love to get out and explore. There are plenty of things to think about as you approach retirement age, but let your future home be an easy choice.

Learn more about why so many people decide to make 55+ communities in Lancaster, PA, their home after retiring! Here are five things you can consider making the entire process a bit easier when the time comes.

1. Are You Consider Retiring Locally, or Do You Want to Move?

With free time and the ability to do anything you please, it’s exciting to consider your living options during your retirement years. If you are originally from the Lancaster, PA, area, perhaps you have decided to stay here because you know it’s a beautiful place, full of happy people and plenty of things to do.

Or maybe you are planning to move to the area for the same reasons—you’ve heard all about how beautiful it is in Lancaster, and you can’t wait to spend the next few years exploring everything there is to do! Choosing where to live is entirely up to you, but some factors may hold more importance to you than others.

2. What Kind of Weather Do You Love?

The weather is something to consider, no matter where you live. If you’re a person who hates snow, you certainly won’t be looking to retire at a senior living community in Alaska! However, if you love snow, Alaska may be on your shortlist of places to be.

Pennsylvania has four distinct seasons, and extreme weather events like tornadoes aren’t expected. The weather here is ideal for enjoying everyday life year-round for many people. The cold months aren’t too snowy, but the warm months aren’t usually unbearable, so you can continue to enjoy hikes and long walks, even in July.

Cooler autumn days lead to beautiful foliage on the local trees, and spring temperatures bring with them the bloom of beautiful flowers and cool rains. It’s an ideal place to have a homegrown garden, as many fruits and vegetables thrive in this climate! Lancaster County is known for its lush farmlands, so even if you don’t like to garden yourself, you will always have access to seasonal produce to go along with your favorite recipes.

3. Have You Thought about the Cost of Living?

Retirement comes with more free time, but time away from work often means less disposable income for many people. As you plan where you will live, consider the cost of living and what your planned expenses will be like overall. Also, remember to keep some money aside in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

For many, the costs associated with retirement are difficult to imagine. If you want to do a lot of traveling, you may wish to have more money saved up for those trips. But if you’re a person who prefers to stay local but eat out at a lot of restaurants, maybe you like to pad your food budget for the week. Everyone is different, and the cost of living associated with the new location that you can afford is up to you!

Lancaster County lies slightly below the national average for cost of living, and Pennsylvania is tax-friendly for seniors, making it an excellent choice for many retirees.

4. Are You Planning for Health Needs?

Another consideration you may have when choosing where to spend your retirement years is access to nursing care. You will want high-quality on-staff medical care if you live in a 55+ community in Lancaster, PA. At Zerbe Retirement Community, we offer several distinct levels of care to meet each of our residents’ individual needs, so you never have to worry about your immediate medical requirements.

You may also want to consider how close you are to other types of healthcare outside of your retirement community, like hospitals and specialized doctors in case of emergency or health crises.

According to U.S. News, the Lancaster General Hospital is ranked number #4 in the state, placing it very high up among many beautiful hospitals in Pennsylvania. You can rest assured that you live in an area with incredible healthcare options when you choose to live in Lancaster County.

5. Do You Enjoy Keeping Active?

For many, maintaining an active lifestyle in retirement is a priority. It is excellent for the health benefits, but it’s also a way to keep your mood boosted and help you remain satisfied with your life. Keeping active can be something like going kayaking with friends every weekend. However, it is often something as simple as taking long walks around town and stopping at your favorite small businesses to buy your favorite things.

Luckily, Lancaster is one of Pennsylvania’s most walkable cities, making this kind of stroll a common and easy-to-accomplish task! There are plenty of more physically demanding things to do in the area, like fitness centers and hiking clubs. You are sure to find something you love to keep both your body and mind as fit as possible.

Why Choose the Zerbe Community As Your Lancaster Retirement Home?

Lancaster, PA, is a beautiful place to be, whether you are a local who has grown to love this area your whole life or plan to move into the area for the first time. Whether you are looking for an independent living option or a 55+ retirement community with a strong focus on healthcare, you’ll fit in right here!

At Zerbe’s, we are a Lancaster retirement home designed to enhance the lives of all our residents. We offer access to many healthcare options and plan community activities to keep social engagement high. We also encourage our residents to explore the local scene and enjoy all Lancaster County provides.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when you’re searching for the perfect Lancaster retirement home to spend your golden years. For a high-quality living option that prioritizes healthcare, accessibility, and your freedom, come to Zerbe Retirement Community and become part of our family here!

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