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What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing Between Retirement Communities in PA?

Retirement can be a fun, fulfilling time where we enjoy family, friends, and free time a bit more than we have been able to at any other part of our lives. This freedom means many people begin looking for a place to live that will help them slow down from working every day.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to retire as it is full of exciting things to taste, see, and do, so it’s no surprise that Pennsylvania is the third most popular state for retirement by out-of-state individuals across the country!

When searching for retirement communities in PA, you may discover more options than you thought there might be. At Zerbe Retirement Community, we know how vital independence, healthcare, and access to exciting activities can be for our residents. That’s why you’ll find various options for all your senior living needs to maintain your active lifestyle while you live in our community!

Don’t let your search for the perfect retirement community overwhelm you! Here are some things you can ask ahead of time to help you narrow down what type of community is best for you.

1. Does Your Community Offer Continuing Care or Aging in Place Options?

Perhaps you’ve begun having some health issues, or you’ve lived with a health issue for many years and worry that you won’t get the care you need. Health concerns may influence how you choose between retirement communities in PA because everyone needs different types of support as health changes. Continuing care facilities like Zerbe Retirement Community do precisely as the name suggests—continue your care throughout your time with us, helping you choose the right living situation for your specific needs.

You may start in our independent living homes and need more memory support, or you may require personal care from day one. Whatever your situation, you should always ask about the housing options available to suit your own needs. When researching a retirement community for yourself, ask about their continuing care or aging in place options, where you will continue to live in the same community while you age, no matter what your health status is.

2. Who Provides Care in Your Community?

That brings us to the next important question you want to ask before you move into a retirement community. Who will be providing the care you need? Depending on the community, you will receive care from different caregivers.

In Pennsylvania, personal care options are much more common than assisted living. While you may think the two are the same thing, and you will discover that they offer many similar benefits, they are not identical, and both have unique advantages.

Trained medical professionals, coupled with support staff, provide all the care at Zerbe Retirement Community. You will find individualized care and attention at our personal care facility, Harvest View, and we have medical care available for all our community members. Our caregivers are all compassionate and experienced, so they can treat everyone with the dignity, respect, and care they deserve.

3. Is Independence Encouraged in This Community?

Many people fear that living in a retirement community will strip them of independence. Still, if you investigate most retirement communities in PA, especially Zerbe Retirement Community, you will see that that is not the case.

Today, you will find that day-to-day independence and active living are encouraged in many retirement communities. Making your schedule and deciding when you like to eat are two decisions you may want to have control over, for example, so be sure to come to the conversation with these kinds of things in mind.

If independence is of great value, look for a retirement community that encourages you to live independently. At the same time, the community will continue to help you with what may need addressing. These things can include taking your medications on time or helping you get to appointments with reliable transportation. Whatever your needs may be, you want a community focusing on your specific needs and what they can do to help you maintain your active lifestyle.

4. What Does Emergency Response Look Like in Your Community?

As emergency response can tell you a lot about the community you hope to move to, this question is crucial. Medical emergencies can happen anytime, so you must have the type of staff you are comfortable with serving your needs as you enjoy retirement community living. For some communities, the nursing staff is present 24/7, while medical personnel don’t have to be on campus at all hours in other communities.

Zerbe Retirement Community comprises medical professionals like licensed RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and support staff and residents who all care for one another like family. We’ve equipped each room with an emergency call bell in our personal care suites. You can rest assured that you will receive emergency attention promptly should anything happen to you or your neighbors.

5. What Are Your Homes Like in the Retirement Community?

There are different types of senior living options when considering Pennsylvania retirement communities. Be sure to inquire about the layouts of the homes you may be living in at the location. A single-level building with more dedicated personal care options may have lockable apartments and shared common areas.

In contrast, the independent living parts of the community will have homes for individual family units. Either of these options can help you have easy access to the types of care you need while enjoying the company of people alike in age and interests.

6. Does the Community Plan Events for the Residents?

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Living in a retirement community can seem intimidating, especially since many people spend much of their lives in single-family homes, interacting with the same neighbors and coworkers every day. Retirement communities that host events for their residents provide something to do that you may look forward to. They also give you the chance to get to know the other community members in a pleasant, friendly environment.

Events can help encourage companionship and belonging within the retirement community. Ask what kinds of events get planned to bring the community together and ask about family-friendly events so your family can come to enjoy your new neighborhood, too!

7. How Does Your Retirement Community Handle a Resident Who Runs Out of Money?

While it may be an uncomfortable topic, some of us will get to a point where our finances no longer meet our needs. Before you move to a retirement community, ask about what financial aid may be available if there comes a time when you no longer have the money to pay for the services you need. This consideration can help you determine where you will receive the best care, even if your money falls short.

Let Zerbe Retirement Community Serve All Your Needs!

Retirement should be a pleasant time to enjoy a new sense of freedom in your life. At Zerbe Retirement Community, our dedicated staff wants to give you the best retirement experience, thanks to our many services and options for senior living. When browsing retirement communities in PA, consider living with the compassionate staff and residents of Zerbe Retirement Community.

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